Dirty   Little   Secret - A memorial page
The Story

Thrown together by chance in a small boozer in Warrington in 2009, Graham's Dirty Little Secret  started learning a shedful of rock songs before they plunged into the gigging circuit - starting off (with a slightly shortened band name) at a rock club in Widnes run by our friend 'Bazza' Nixon.

But now.... the ride is over. And what a ride it was. We learned and played over 150 songs in all manner of venues from Stoke to Lancaster, festivals to garden sheds, back street dives to posh hotels we normally wouldn't be allowed in.

Despite every hurdle imaginable, and some you probably wouldn't think of, DLS did a total of 284 gigs from 2010 to 2019.

Former DLS members can now be found in local bands Thousand Yard Stare, The Broadcasters, Derailed, Black Magic, and Havoc 51. Check them out!

Main Cast

Shane (lead vocal / rhythm guitar) - 284 gigs
Dave (bass guitar / backing vocals) - 283 gigs
Graham (lead guitar / backing vocals) - 182 gigs
Dan (lead guitar) - 63 gigs
Big E (lead guitar / backing vocals) - 24 gigs
Stu (lead guitar / backing vocals) - 11 gigs
Paul (drums) - 132 gigs
Carl (drums) - 145 gigs

Supporting cast

Steve Havoc, G, Danny, Rob, Andy, Steve Diamond, Vince, Vinny, Dan, John and Sam - thank you for jumping in when we needed help along the way. We couldn't have done it without you.

Absent friends




(and Charlie)
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